This body of work brings my personal experience and observations of growing up in South Texas into the narrative structures of functional pottery. Parts of plants and animals such as the pattern on a grasshopper’s leg and the markings and form of a nilgai ear are reinterpreted into functional pottery. These ecological and domestic narratives I create express my desire to understand my relationship to the places in which I live.

My work’s roots in functional craft influence how the narratives in these pots are read. For example, smaller, intimate objects such as cups are reimagined as small critters that are brought close to the face, while larger forms such as candelabras become entire trees. Playful surfaces and loose forms reflect my childlike energy and wonder when exploring outdoors and in my studio. I bring my close observations of the outdoors into the home with the hope that through living with these pots the user is inspired to find humor and wonder in their own environments.